(otherwise known as the non-surgical nose job or the liquid nose job)

non surgical nose job in stafford



Bodhi Nose Sculpt

Here at BodhiZen Clinic we are extremely excited to be offering Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (also known as the non-surgical nose job, or liquid nose job) This is a fantastic pain free procedure for those who have aesthetic concerns and don't want to commit to going under the knife. We offer this procedure at a price of £595 - Far more affordable and time effective than splashing out £4500-£6000 for surgery and having a year long recovery period!

Results can last 18 months plus


This extremely popular alternative to surgery takes less than 30 minutes, requires minimal recovery time, is safer than surgery, no general anaesthetic needed and a fraction of the price! A perfect alternative for those with lumps, bumps, depressions, and dips to creating a straighter, more pleasing nose shape! 

We always believe in high standards of professional practice, therefore this procedure is delivered by our Lead Nurse Practitioner Zoe - who is an experienced trained professional and a Registered Nurse Prescriber with qualifications in Advanced Aesthetics. The procedure involves injecting long-lasting dermal fillers into the nose in order to build volume to disguise or fill out any concerns - This can be seen in our own Clients before and after picture shown above and below. 

Rhinoplasty B&A.jpg