Elight Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


PDT Light Therapy

As we age, the collagen in our bodies - which is responsible for maintaining our skin and joints - diminishes and deteriorates. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles and a general loss of structure. Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL) is a gentle pulse light that stimulates collagen and elastin fibres to provide support and structure to the skin. The technique aims to improve the firmness and overall texture and tone of the skin. The treatment also increases blood circulation and oxygenation, thus also hydrating the skin's surface for a more youthful appearance.

Photo-Rejuvenation can help to repair sun damaged skin and tread veins in addition to diminishing the appearance of age spots, pigmentation marks, rosacea, acne breakouts and pore size. It can be used on the skin on the face, neck, chest, hands and cleavage with impressive results.

PDT Light Therapy can be used in conjunction with IPL or on its own and is particularly effective in dealing with acne bacteria, improving general skin health and reducing fine lines and wrinkles through collagen stimulation.  

A PDT Light Therapy course of on average 4-6 treatments is recommended for best results. Each treatment is priced at £45 but further savings can be achieved when making multiple bookings.

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A consultation and patch test is required before treatment to determine skin type and the achievable results for each individual. The patch test requires a full medical history and a list of any medications you may be taking. During the patch test, a cool gel is applied to the skin being treated, a test patch is then performed using only a few shots of the laser. The gel is then taken off using a tissue and a soothing gel is applied to the treated area.


During the treatment, you will feel a momentary sensation of heat through the laser treatment head. As the light we use is very bright, we will supply you with special goggles to protect your eyes. Treatments generally take about 30 minutes to complete and should be administered in 28 day intervals.


After the treatment

Many people see results appear after just one treatment, most will feel that their skin is softer, smoother and tighter. Your skin may become pink right after treatment, this will soon dissipate.


Conventional make-up must be avoided 24 hours after treatment, however mineral make up is fine to apply straight after treatment.


Appropriate homecare products should be used to help keep the skin moisturised. We suggest a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine along with the regular application of SPF 30+/. Additionally, plenty of pure water should be drunk throughout the day in order to flush away toxins in the body. This does not include fizzy water or tea, coffee and soft drinks.


                                                 £75 per session per area

Frequently Asked Questions


Can all skin types be treated?

Dark Mediterranean, Asian and Afro Caribbean skins can be treated, however this type of light may cause pigmentation changes and lighten the skin. 


Does it treat pigmentation marks?

Yes. The IPL treatments are effective in treating many types of pigmentation marks on the face, neck and hands. Pigmentation marks are treated by shattering the pigmentation and breaking it down, it is then absorbed into the body.


Does it treat acne breakouts?

This treatment has shown dramatic improvements in the reduction of future acne breakouts. It does this by triggering the body’s natural bacteria-fighting defences to target the next breakout.


How many sessions are recommended?

For best results, a course of 4-6 treatments is suggested, with a gap of 28 days between each treatment. Many clients will re-book for a course 2 years later to maintain their youthful appearance.


How can I prolong the effects of the treatment?

 You can prolong your youthful look by eating a healthy, balanced diet and taking a high quality vitamin supplement. Please avoid sun beds 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after treatment, preferably forever. Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking and make sure to drink plenty of water!

How much does it cost?

 £75 per session