At Bodhi Zen Clinic, our practitioners and clinicians share a similar vision for the clinic. We understand that each individual has a personal journey that they would like to embark on. It is our duty to help each person on their journey to achieve their goals, not only in aesthetics, but in the mind, body and spirit also.


Zoe Reynolds

Our head clinician at Bodhi Zen is Zoe. Zoe has a wealth of experience behind her both in nursing and managerial settings. Zoe is a registered nurse specialising in the area of mental health and a qualified advanced aesthetic practitioner (inc. level 4 laser and IPL). In addition to this, she is a fully qualified complimentary therapist and beautician, and has recently retrained to gain a more considered perspective into the holistic side of health care. Her extensive knowledge and qualifications, particularly those pertaining to mental health, allow her to approach each new client with a breadth of knowledge and understanding.



Dr. Catriona Anderson is an experienced general practitioner with a particular interest in recurrent urogynaecological infections (UTI, BV, thrush) and women’s health. Within Bodhi Zen Clinic, Dr. Anderson offers private consultations for clients for clients with any needs.


Ahmed Abelsadek



Shirley Bradbury

Shirley is a holistic therapist, a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) and has a broad range of skills within her area. Among the various treatments she offers, she is also a qualified Reiki master teacher and experienced practitioner. The holistic treatments she offers can help people to feel good about themselves in mind, body and spirit. This is something that she feels is incredibly important in her work.