Microneedling with CosMedix Skin Peel

Did you know that only 2 - 7 % of product applied to the face topically penetrates the skin's barrier?


The combination of microneedling and skin peels allow the fantastic ingredients of our CosMedix products to penetrate further into the skin to give you maximum treatment benefits. Because CosMedix products use Chirally Correct ingredients that have been purified on a molecular level. they do not contain any irritants or synthetic ingredients, making them the perfect partner for microneedling!


This treatment is perfect for ageing skin, uneven skin tone, damaged and scarred skin and blemish prone skin.


How does the treatment work?

Microneedling creates micro-channels in the dermis with a small roller of microscopic needles. The immediate benefit from microneedling is of course the increased product penetration, our CosMedix peels are able to penetrate around 4000% more than a topical treatment can. The long term benefit of microneedling begin with what is called a 'micro-injury' to the skin, The small micro-channels that are created by the needles trigger a healing cascade in the skin, this stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, resulting in healthier, firmer and smoother looking skin. The results of this can continue for up to a year. 


The procedure is identical to the process of the CosMedix skin peel, just with the inclusion of the microneedling process. After a skin analysis has taken place. our Lead Clinician will begin with a thorough cleanse to the face. This is followed by the microneedling process. clients typically feel little to no discomfort during this time. After this, our Lead Clinician will then apply a CosMedix skin peel that compliments your skin types and concerns. This can also be followed by LED light therapy to enhance the results further.


Because the needling only works fractionally, there is no down-time as it preserves the integrity of the skin deep down. We do suggest that if our clients are going home, they keep their skin peel on as long as possible to receive the most benefits from the treatment.. Results can be seen 3 days post treatment and skin will continue to improve over the weeks to follow. 

How much does it cost?

£95 (RRP up to £280)