Healing and Meditation

Woodland Path

with Jilly 

In the always changing, mile-a-minute world that we live in it is becoming ever more important to strengthen our mind-body connection and take time to just stand still and reconnect with ourselves and heighten our self awareness. Giving ourselves time to re-focus, meditate, and heal can have huge positive benefits on our overall health, sleep quality, anxiousness, focus and much more. 


With so many different styles, techniques, and belief systems it can be difficult to know which to choose or even where to start. Well, there's no need to figure it our alone!...

Join Jilly in clinic to explore all the methods week by week until you have created your own personalised easy access route to quick and easy mindfulness or deeper meditation. Learn with Jilly how to connect Gaia energy and find your inner calm whenever you choose! 

If you are unsure or want to know a little bit more then why not read a clients journal of her experience of a healing session with Jilly:

"I had my first experience of Crystal Healing and Mindfulness Meditation with Jilly Sutherland, along with Reiki – which I have tried once before and found mildly relaxing. The combination of the three treatments together was quite amazing. It took you to a very deep level of consciousness and relaxation that was just amazing – not quite asleep, but oh so nearly! Barely aware of my surroundings – in a couldn’t care less way – total bliss. 

After the session, which lasted an hour and a quarter, the chilled out feeling lasted all day. I felt as if I could do anything and nothing would bother me – it was great! 

The Meditation and Mindfulness, I have carried on practising, and this can be done anywhere, anytime. Now whenever I feel anxious or overwrought I can find that lovely peace and relaxation again, that I found with Jilly. Try it and you’ll be a convert like me. 

A life changing experience is a big claim – but for me that’s what it was"


- J